About Me…

I’m ever changing.  Fearless.  Honest.  I’ve been many things in my life, stock broker, mortgage broker, sales representative for just about every product imaginable, telemarketer, bartender, hostess, marketing V.P., entrepreneur, paper delivery person, job recruiter, receptionist, EA to the CEO, animator, writer, voice talent, stand-up comedian for a day.  What do all these jobs have in common?  I’m a great bullshitter.  I’ve been acting for my entire life in different roles that fit a moment in time.  Oh, yes I forgot.  I’m also an actress.

I’ve done the volunteering at women’s shelters, emergency room hospitals and worked with teen girls who were wards of the court as a youth guidance counselor.  The experiences enlightened me to the human tragedy I already knew existed.  Ground work helped me become less naive deepening my empathy for those who struggle.  I learned over time that connection, listening and sharing experiences does have a profound dynamic that ripples the surface exposing what’s underneath.

With change comes loss.  Or if you look on the bright side, growth.  There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t wish my mother were here to have a glass of wine with me at lunch.  I don’t feel any growth from missing her. Only loss.  As I’ve grown I accepted the world around me will change regardless if I resist.  So, I’ve always jumped in the deep-in head first with my eyes open ready to deal with whatever comes next.

I’m a creator at heart with a visionary lens exploring topics that are taboo or mis-understood.  Come along for the ride and explore the other side of the story less traveled.


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